On February 2, 2008 the sixth Annual Valentine’s Day Ball was organized at the Polonaise Terrace in Greenpoint. 150 gests attended the event which turned out to be a big success. Part of the profit was sent to Lukasz Hatlas, a 22 year old whose both kidneys were removed.
On April 12, 2008 at the Polonaise Terrace in Greenpoint Children’s Smile Foundation has organized a children’s artwork auction. Its purpose was to gather funds for the Bialystok orphanage vacation fund. All auction artwork was provided by young artists from above mentioned facility to whom full profit was sent.
During the first week of June our organization had a chance to host “Odyssey of the mind” world finalists. The group of young men made their way through regional, national and then world finals in one of the most prestigious and ambitious  educational contests.  Students from Opole had a chance to see most of attractions the city has to offer.
On June 21 another summer festival was organized. Profit from the event in full was dedicated to rehabilitation camp for children from Towarzystwo Pomocy im. Sw. Brata Alberta in Stalowa Wola.
In the middle of the summer Children’s Smile Foundation sent funds to Fundacja Wilenszczyzna to sponsor project called “Mali Polacy z Kresow Blizej Macierzy”.
Its main purpose was to bring polish ancestry kids living in Lithuanian and Ukrainian orphanages closer to their parents’ and grandparents’ home. Two 5 day trips were a sort of compensation for unbearable conditions in which these kids are forced to live. 80 children had a chance to see most interesting sights of Warsaw and spend careless days away from their sad reality.

In October thanks to our supporters we were able to help Agnieszka Krzyszkowska – a mother of two. Both her kids are victims of genetic complications and are in need of medical treatment. After being incorrectly diagnosed, Agnieszka decided to seek a second opinion here. Children’s Smile Foundation was able to provide enough financial support to help them survive the nearest future while her kids are being operated and rehabilitated.   
In November we sent financial support to Towarzystwo Pomocy Sw. Alberta in Stalowa Wola and orphanage in Jelenia Gora. Also, as every year before Christmas we sent holiday packages to orphanages in Stalowa Wola, Jelenia Gora, Bialystok and Glowienka.

At the end of November at the Polonaise Terrace in Brooklyn, we organized Andrzejki.
Nearly 100 people had a chance not only to have a great time but also support a great cause.



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