We have begun the year with our Annual Valentine’s Day Gala. This evening was especially emotional for many because of presence of Anna Kozlowski. Anna is a 16 year old girl confined to           
a wheelchair. All proceeds from the event in the amount of $6400 went towards rehabilitation equipment for her.

At the end of the year we invited all our supporters for a fundraisers dedicated to the Wojciechowski sisters, whose mother has been immune to the world for the past 4 years. The event turned out to be a success not only because we were able to rise over $6000 but also gave an opportunity to become more sensitive to the less fortunate ones. Proceeds from the event are to cover educational expenses.

During this year’s summer feast we hosted a Junior Miss CSF contest. Although it was a very difficult decision, our Jury came out with a final result and Angelica Poplawski was appointed for the crown, and Claudia Bis as the Vice Miss. Funds from the event in the amount of $3500 went toward medical expenses for Nicole Zalewski. Nicole is a 13 year old girl who in April was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

On December 4th for the second time we organized a Santa Claus event. The fundraiser drew over 200 guests and gave children an opportunity to meet Santa Claus and parents to enjoy the holiday season. Thanks to our supporters we were able to raise $4300 which will help families in our community during this year’s Christmas time.



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