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Children's Smile Foundation

Our Mission

Child's Smile Foundation - Our Mission -
The goal of Children’s Smile Foundation is to provide help to disadvantaged children. 
We want to show them that there are people who care about them, make them feel loved and help them grow into well adjusted young adults.

Core Values

We are Polish Americans. We believe at heart that every Polish child, living in Poland, USA, or anywhere in the world, has a right to a safe, healthy and loving envoronment.

Our undertaking to raise funds for children continues. Events such as the Valentine’s Day Ball, art auctions, poetry evenings, and other events are helping us to keep our promise to as many children as we can.

We are very happy to announce that our efforts are paying off. We were able to send a large group of children to Italy to visit Rome and the battleground of Monte Casino. We are able to pay for their English classes. We also provide support with small amounts of money during the school year. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and even more proud to be able to help the children who are very sick and in need of medical attention.

During the last few years we have met many wonderful people who work alongside us, and are willing to support us financially. We also receive support from Dr. Cynthia Price Cohen, Executive Director of the Child Rights International Research Institute in the U.N., and the Polish Department of Child Welfare.

The Executive Body and the Board of Directors perform their duties on a volunteer basis only, which enables us to assign a substantial portion of raised money directly to help children.

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