We began year 2004 with our second Valentine’s Day Fund Raising Dance that took place on February 14th. The aim of the ball was to gather funds for Children’s trip to Italy, during which they would attend the commemoration of 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Casino. We were able to accomplish that goal thanks to donations of Adamba Imports International, A.G. Contractors, Bridge Capital Enterprises, Zale Contracting Inc., The Polish & Slavic Center, Rafal and Ewa Chojnowski, and others. During the 7-day trip, the kids visited Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Vatican.



On June 4th, 2004, we funded an art auction of paintings. We displayed the children’s artwork as well as work by artists from the international exhibit in New York. The funds from this event were sent to orphanages in Stalowa Wola, Bialystok, and Jelenia Gora.



On June 17th, 2004, Mariola Zaremba and Barbara Bezak organized “An Evening by the Candles,” during which the auction of wines and jewelry took place. The profit from this event was sent to “Fundacja na Ratunek Dzieciom z Choroba Nowotworowa” (The Foundation for Children with Cancer) to help a young girl, Oliwia Mikolajczyk, to win her battle with cancer.

During the summer of 2004, Marek Krasowski asked us for help. His 18 year old son, Janusz, had cancer. Thanks to Andrzej Grzegorzewski, who connected with us with The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for International Patients, the analysis of the disease and the possibility of treatment in the USA were considered. Unfortunately, the condition of Janusz worsened, and Marek returned to Poland to be closer to his son.

On November 27, 2004, the dance event, “Zabawa Andrzejkowa,” took place in the Polish American National Hall. The money gathered during that event was sent to pay for English classes attended by kids in Stalowa Wola and Bialystok.

In December, we had a clothing drive for numerous poor families. Tadeusz Chaber gave the most significant contribution to this auction. In addition, we have sent our aid to a foster home in Glowienka.


Medal of Smile

In the year 2004, one of our members, Krzysztof Rostek, was recognized for his contribution to our organization and received the Medal of Smile. The children of the orphanage in Stalowa Wola elected him as the recipient of the award in order to thank him for his support and good heart.

This is part of the letter that was sent to the International Chapter of Medal of Smile.

“Krzysztof in spite of living in the United States is taking care of all our children in our house. He has contributed greatly along with his wife to make sure our needs are met. We now put together a group of people that helps him to give back to the less fortunate. Krzysztof is not looking for any benefits and doesn’t expect acknowledgements in his endeavor. The biggest happiness for him is our joy and smiles. Krzysztof and his friends are sending us packages with beautiful things and a lot of money. Thanks to them we now have a gym, we have nice clothes and no longer feel embarrassed by the way we look, we are participating in extracurricular activities (swimming, dance, foreign languages, horseback riding), we now have a library with a lot of books and computer games, we travel and get to know our country, our caretakers have money to cure and rehabilitate us, we don’t experience the feeling of being hungry anymore. There’s a big celebration in our house, when Krzysztof is visiting us with his family. He’s always bringing us gifts, like sweets, ice cream, and drinks. No one was so good and generous to us. All the children have smiles on their faces, want to sit on his lap, and be hugged by him. Everyone is dreaming about having such a father. He has to have a big heart; otherwise he wouldn’t bring us so much joy. We are still children, and we are counting on adult help and support. We don’t know how to thank him for being with us, for his good heart, and love. Therefore, we decided to ask The International Chapter of Medal of Smile to Honor Krzysztof on our behalf. We want to give him “The Smiling Sun,” which is as beautiful and as warm as him smile.”


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